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WCA graduates will receive RCLS credit*

The Wisconsin Cadet Academy provides cadets hands-on leadership training in a challenging and engaging environment.  As a WCA candidate you will be challenged to develop the leader inside of you.  WCA candidates experience an Air Force Officer School style experience.  As a WCA candidate you will:

  • Be challenged to hold dynamic leadership positions that put you in charge of other cadets and let you “learn by doing”!
  • Improve your teamwork skills through unique experiences such as the Leadership Reaction Course
  • Learn from executive level CAP leaders
  • Have a chance to master the drill and ceremony skills and knowledge that are hard to develop at your home squadron
  • Prepare yourself to be a successful and dynamic encampment staff member for next year’s Wisconsin Basic School!

WCA candidates will also have the chance to participate in some of the unique and exciting events scheduled for the Basic School cadets this year.  Because of the challenges involved in WCA, cadets must be at least a C/SSgt and 14 years old to attend.

This year, WCA will also serve as a Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS). *In order to receive RCLS credit a cadet must be a Cadet Master Sergeant no later than 12 AUGUST. Cadets who are not Master Sergeants may still attend and graduate WCA, but will not receive credit for having attended an RCLS.

Cadets who need financial assistance for RCLS may contact Major Todd Mandel, Director of Cadet Programs. Funding exists to assist Wisconsin Wing cadets as well as cadets from other wings in Great Lakes Region.

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