WBS TopThe Wisconsin Basic School provides cadets with the formative training experience in the CAP Cadet Program. During the week cadets will face challenges, learn what it takes to be a CAP cadet, form friendships, and experience life on a military installation. Cadets have the chance to interact with Air Force personnel and learn about Air Force life, missions, and jobs.  Throughout the week cadets work in teams, led by fellow cadets, to help each other learn, strive, and succeed. Completion of an encampment is required to earn the General Billy Mitchell Award.

The WBS experience can be stressful at times, but we know most CAP cadets are up to the challenge and looking to prove their mettle.  Because of the nature of WBS we encourage parents of cadets who are younger than 13 to carefully consider whether their cadet is ready to attend this type of activity.

This year we have scheduled a number of unique experiences including:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle training facility
  • Orientation Flights
  • High Risk Entry Facility
  • Land Navigation course

All of these events are done under the guidance and direction of Air Force personnel.

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