Senior Staff applications now open!


Come make a difference in the lives of CAP cadets! Summer Encampment can be a transforming experience in a CAP cadet’s experience, but we need dedicated senior members to make it happen.

We need staff to help out in many areas including:

  • Training Officer – give your wisdom and insight to young leaders who face the challenge of leading 10-15 young men and women on a full-time basis. Training Officers will receive pre-encampment training as well as support and help during the week. Training Officers work as a team and there’s no other experience in CAP like it!
  • Administrative functions – With almost 200 people participating, Summer Encampment has a lot of data and reporting to do! We need smart, hard-working folks who can help manage that data and get the information to where it can be used best.
  • Logistical functions – Feeding, housing, and helping 200 people is no small task and we need great people to make it happen! You can help with transporting people, managing supplies, and making sure the students have what they need to be at their best!
  • Public Affairs – Encampment has a great story to tell, and we need help telling it! Taking photos, writing newsletters, and working with cadets to tell the unique story that is the CAP summer encampment experience.

This year’s encampment runs 25 JUNE – 02 JULY at Volk Field. Cost for seniors is $50 and for Senior Members under age 25 the cost is only $25. Staff are asked to report on Friday, 24 JUNE.

Apply online today to be on Senior Staff!

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