• Break in those boots!  If you haven’t worn your combat boots much, START NOW!  Wear them at least two hours a day between now and encampment.  Make sure you go for walks in them to get them broken in.
  • Shine those boots!  If you don’t have a good shine, take some time and get a solid base built up now.  Here is a good video on boot shining:
  • Go over the packing list.  By now we’re hoping you’ve looked over the packing list.  If you haven’t please do so immediately.  Time is running out to get what you need!
  • Talk to graduates.  Talk to cadets from your unit who have graduated encampment so you have a sense of the activity.
  • Align your sleep schedule.  At encampment you will wake up around 0600 hours and go to bed around 2130 hours each day.  Start putting your body on this schedule now.  Don’t wait until the day before to try and fix your sleep schedule.

Here are some drill videos to get you ready:

To the Rear March

Basic Marching Terms


Rest Positions

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