Day Two – Practice Makes Perfect!

Day 2 is closed for this year’s encampment. Basic School students spent the day learning and practicing the skills they will need for the coming week. Skills such as bunk-making, organizing, drill, and uniform wear.

On their face, these skills may seem to have limited use in the “real world”. While true, the purpose behind these tasks is in service to a greater good. Encampment seeks to help cadets understand attention to detail, problem-solving, teamwork, trust, and even how to deal with failure. Encampment uses these technical tasks as a conduit to life lessons of much greater meaning and import.

Cadet Development Course cadets worked on fun aerospace tasks and focused on knowledge that will help them become and be better cadet NCOs. A primary goal of the CDC is to send its students back to their home units with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be solid supporters of the Cadet Program. When a new cadet joins a unit, that new cadet’s “on-boarding” experience is important. The curriculum will help CDC cadets be able to handle a task such as this.

WCA continued their high-octane environment. WCA is a demanding program that requires cadets to be giving 100% almost constantly. Unlike the other schools there is less time for the “fun” events. Instead WCA works hard to pack as much knowledge and practical experience into one week. A WCA grad will leave encampment having had multiple opportunities to command a flight, staff a squadron, and be a leader.

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