Day Three – Confidence is building

Day 3 of encampment and all three schools are beginning to look more organized, methodical, and frankly … they are all much closer to marching in step!  Wait until you see them proudly move across the graduation field on Saturday!

Basic School cadets continued learning about the core missions of CAP and worked on further forming their teams and developing their skills.  Cadets had the opportunity to hear a “Drug Free Lifestyle” presentation from the U.S. Air Force / Civil Air Patrol Reserve Assistant, Technical Sergeant Medona.

Cadet Development Course candidates spent much of the day continuing work on their Rocketry Badge; learning about and building rockets.  This section will end with the Candidates heading out to the field to launch their rockets!

The WCA candidates continued to work on their leadership skills. Candidates rotate through leadership positions to learn what it takes to run an encampment flight. For many cadets these positions are “outside their comfort zones” and require cadets to reach deep inside and step up to the challenge.

Download the Day 3 Newsletter here: 2017_Day3

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