Day One – Arrival, in-processing, and learning!

Day 1 is in the books for this year’s Summer Encampment. Today cadets arrived and went through in-processing. During in-processing each cadet has their administrative records reviewed and each cadet meets with Medical. They receive their flight assignments and have their gear looked through to ensure contraband doesn’t enter the training environment.

After this the cadets are formed into their flights, which will serve as their training unit for the week. Each flight is commanded by two advanced cadets, a Flight Sergeant and a Flight Commander. Each flight also has an adult member assigned to it, a Training Officer. The Training Officer serves as an extra set of eyes to help the cadet leadership  make good decisions, stay safe, and serve as a mentor.

Today cadets started learning how to make their bunks to the encampment standard, prepare their room for inspection, and met their rest of their team. The “secret sauce” that makes encampment work is teamwork. It will take the cadets a few days to figure out that it’s not possible to meet all the standards on their own, and that only through relying on others, holding up their end of the bargain, and working together can the entire team succeed. In between now and then there will be some frustration, bewilderment, and lots of questions. But watching “encampment magic” happen is what makes Summer Encampment the experience that it is!

The official encampment newsletter for Day 1 can be viewed here:


To see all of the pictures from the Cadets first day please visit the Wisconsin Wing Flickr account:




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