Day 6 – Are we done already?

Day 6 newsletter brings us into Graduation Day, how did that happen so quick?  For the families at home patiently waiting to see their Cadets I’m sure this week has felt like anything but “quick”.

Cadets in all 3 schools wrapped up today with Pass & Review practice in the field as well as final barracks inspections with the Wisconsin Wing Commander, Colonel Rose Hunt, and the Encampment Command Staff.

Graduation certificates, rocketry badges, marksmanship badges, and various certificates and accolades for a job well done were presented this afternoon.  Cadets and Encampment Staff have all worked hard this week to make Wisconsin Wing Summer Encampment 2017 a huge success! #encampment2017

To view the newsletter click: 2017_Day6

If you haven’t check out the most recent photos from Encampment it is definitely worth a look:


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