Day Four – We are half way there

Day 4 of encampment is over and its hard to believe the week is half done! Today the cadets toured portions of Volk Field, learned more about aerospace, and continued to try and meet the standards required for graduation.

WBS students were able to tour the Volk Field Firehouse, a C-130, and a Blackhawk Helicopter that flew in to support a separate training mission.  Cadets were able to speak with the pilots and maintenance crews to learn more about their positions and other opportunities in the Air Force.

CDC Candidates headed out to the field to launch the rockets they have been working so hard on!  There was many successful launches and the Cadets had a great timing learning about flight and aerospace.

WCA cadet spent the morning on the Leadership Reaction Course, working in small groups on physical challenges. This is the hardest part of the week for WCA as candidates have to dig down and push themselves past their pre-conceived notions. The candidates also had a session where they received peer feedback from each other about what they need to improve on and what strengths they have.

You can check out the Day 4 newsletter here:




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