Day 3: A-10s, new experiences, and CAP at its finest!

Day 3 of encampment showcased some of what’s best about CAP: our service to our communities, our love of aerospace, and our connection to our parent organization, the Air Force. Today also had a unique twist as a real-life search and rescue mission was launched in Juneau County; which is where Volk Field is located. An elderly woman has gone missing and the Juneau County Sherrif’s Department requested CAP’s assistance in searching. Mission managers, aircrews, and some ground search personnel responded from the encampment to support the mission. Note that, due to training and equipment requirements, encampment students will continue training at encampment. Encampment personnel responding are select staff members. More information on this mission can be found on the Wisconsin Wing Facebook page.

Basic School cadets continued learning about the core missions of CAP and worked on further forming their teams and developing their skills. The students had a special treat today when five, A-10 Warthogs flew in to Volk Field for maintenance and rest. During their visit the students had a chance to visit the aircraft and meet the pilots and maintainers.

Cadet Development Course cadets spent much of the day on the rifle range qualifying for the NRA Marksmenship Badge. This badge can be a challenge for local units to coordinate. The training covers firearms safety and marksmenship. It is taught by NRA-qualified instructors using Volk Field’s weapons range.

The WCA candidates continued to work on their leadership skills. Candidates rotate through leadership positions to learn what it takes to run an encampment flight. For many cadets these positions are “outside their comfort zones” and require cadets to reach deep inside and step up to the challenge. Cadets serve for half a day in a position and then receive feedback from cadre on their performance.

You can download the Day 3 newsletter here:

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Photos from Day 3:

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