Day 2, Sunday, 29 JUNE 2014

Day 2 of Encampment is about ready to come to a close.  Today the cadets had a very busy day acclimating to the encampment environment.  The entire encampment awoke at 0545 hours to a cool morning with clouds and a slight mist.  Cadets did physical training and then headed off to their first breakfast.

During the day Basic School students focused heavily on drill, customs and courtesies, and completed their first stand-by uniform and barracks inspection.  Students were prepped for orientation flights by learning aircraft ground handling.

Cadet Honor Academy students worked on military bearing, learning what it means to be a TEAM, flag folding and flag etiquette.  CHA students presented the full colors at closing formation and continued to work on drill as a color guard.

Wisconsin Cadet Academy candidates also spent much of the day working on drill.  Today was the first day for assigned staff for WCA.  The flight and squadron staff for WCA come from the body of WCA candidates.  Staff receive feedback after their performance period.  Staff serve one of two shifts: wake up to lunch or lunch to lights out.

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