Day 1, Saturday, 28 JUNE 2014

This first day of encampment has come to a conclusion.  Cadets had a busy day and learned to adjust to their new surroundings and demands.  Encampment offers a summer experience like no other.  It is not a “llama camp” (nothing against llamas however) but it is also not “Survivor”.  Encampment provides an environment where cadets face challenges that they can only overcome by working together and ensuring everyone comes along.

The Wisconsin Basic School focused on the very basics today.  Cadets went through in-processing and then were assigned to flights.  After meeting their flight staff the students had a chance to work in their barracks to prepare their rooms and unpack their items.  Today was filled with introductions, safety briefings, orientations, and of course drill.

The Cadet Honor Academy had a similar day.  CHA cadets worked on drill, drill, and more drill.  They had the chance to prepare their barracks and meet their fellow CHA students.

Wisconsin Cadet Academy cadets also had a day full of drill, drill, and drill.  Cadets had the chance to hold staff positions and learn what it means to be in command of almost 30 cadets at once.  Some succeeded and some struggled, but they all soldiered on and worked through the challenges.  Cadets also learned about operational risk management, how to avoid hazing, and personal responsibility.

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