Cadet Development Course

Have you graduated encampment?

Are you looking to experience more of what the CAP Cadet Program has to offer?

Do you want to build rockets? Earn your marksmanship badge? Increase your skills as a CAP cadet?

The Cadet Development Course is a new second-year encampment school for cadets who already attended basic encampment. Cadets of any age or rank may attend, however the school is targeted at Phase I and II cadets looking to learn more about CAP and have some unique and fun experiences.

The course will expose you to many of the opportunities that CAP offers, and will help prepare you to be a leader. Activities that we plan to offer to Cadet Development Course cadets include:

  • The full model rocketry program which includes earning the Model Rocketry Badge
  • The NRA rifle qualification course
  • And many other experiences that highlight all CAP has to offer.

This course is not intended to replace WCA but help prepare those cadets who need more growth and development before they are ready.

Apply for the Cadet Development Course today!

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