Cadet Staff Selection Exercise

In accordance with CAPP 52-24, Wisconsin Wing will utilize a selection exercise this year for cadet staff applicants. Completing the exercise is a requirement to compete for a staff position. The exercise will allow the encampment to select for the following cadet staff positions:

  • Flight Commander
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Squadron First Sergeant
  • Encampment First Sergeant
  • Support Staff including: Public Affairs Officer/NCO, Administrative Officer/NCO, Stan/Eval Officer/NCO, Logistics Officer/NCO, Duty Officer/NCO
  • WCA Cadre / CHA Cadre

When: Saturday, 21 MAR 2015. In-brief @ 0830. Concludes NLT 1800 hours.

Where: Beret Base, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh 

What: This exercise will review the skills of staff applicants in five core areas:

  • Drill execution
  • Drill command
  • Uniform wear / adherence to CAPM 39-1
  • Knowledge of CAP Cadet Program / Encampment programs (CAPP 52-24)
  • Ability to appropriate solve complex personnel issues in a stressful environment

Candidates will complete an evaluation in each of the areas listed above. Candidates will also complete, and receive points, for their accomplishments in CAP to date. The candidate with the highest total score will receive his/her first preferred position. The next highest scoring candidate will receive his/her first preferred position and so on until all positions are filled or viable candidates are exhausted.

There is no requirement for a candidate to have completed WCA, CHA, or any other secondary school in order to apply. WCA and CHA graduates will receive bonus points on the experience inventory, but completion of those schools is in no way a requirement for applying to be on encampment staff.

Steps to Apply for 2015 Encampment Cadet Staff:

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. Plan to attend the Selection Exercise on Saturday, 21 MAR in Oshkosh. Completion of the selection exercise is required.
  3. Check your email regularly for follow-up information regarding the exercise. Prior to 21 MAR you will receive:
    1. A CAPF 32 that must be signed and brought with you to the event.
    2. Payment instructions to pay for the event. The cost is expected to be minimal (not to exceed $10).
    3. A link to complete the Cadet Experience Inventory. This inventory will allow you to report on your experiences as a cadet. Cadets will receive points based on their experiences.
    4. Your ability to check your email, follow instructions, and carry out directives will be evaluated. Therefore failure to check email and not follow instructions will have a severe negative effect on your final score (if not disqualify you entirely).

Scoring System

The scoring system identified below is subject to change and is only in draft form:

  • Drill execution – 16% of total score
  • Drill command skill – 20% of total score
  • Academic/Encampment knowledge – 14% of total score
  • Uniform inspection – 20% of total score
  • Panel interview – 10% of total score
  • Situational Leadership exercise – 15% of total score
  • Cadet Experience Inventory – 5% of total score

Preparing for the Selection Exercise

Cadets desiring to prepare themselves for the exercise are encourage to review the following areas:

  • AFMAN 36-2203. Pay special attention to drill formations, distances, and column versus line formation.
  • CAPM 39-1. Candidates will be tested on the Class B Blues Uniform as well as the Battle Dress Uniform.
  • CAPR 52-10. Candidates will be expected to know rules that impact encampment.
  • CAPP 52-24. Candidates should study on the academic curriculum requirements, performance requirements, and graduation requirements.
  • CAPP 52-25. Candidates will want to study the academic materials.
  • Uniform wear is a major portion of the day’s exercise. Cadets who report with hair, facial, or make up that does not meet the CAPM 39-1 standard will receive zero points in the uniform inspection section. This section constitutes 20% of the total score.

Schedule of Events

  • 0830-0900 Sign-in / Registration
  • 0900-0915 In-Briefing / Safety briefing
  • 0915-1000 Blues Inspection
  • 1000-1040 Academic Exam
  • 1040-1050 Break
  • 1050-1130 Situational Leadership Exam
  • 1130-1215 Lunch / Change to BDUs
  • 1215-1620 Candidates will be broken into four groups and will rotate through four stations: Drill Execution, Drill Command, Interview Panel, and BDU Inspection.
  • 1620-1700 Outbriefing

Direct questions regarding staff applications or the selection exercise to Maj Todd Mandel at



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