Come experience the best week of CAP cadet training there is by attending this year’s Wisconsin Wing Summer Encampment!

  • Do you want to be the best cadet you can be?
  • Do you want to experience military life hands-on?
  • Or have the chance to see how the Air Force uses drones first-hand?
  • Or learn how soldiers train for engaging enemy forces?

JOINED PIXThis year’s encampment promises to be an amazing experience!  Cadets will learn about the Air Force, CAP, and themselves.  Encampment is organized into three schools:

  • Wisconsin Basic School (WBS):  All first-time encampment attendees MUST attend this school.  WBS cadets learn about the Air Force, drill, uniform wear, working as a team, and much more.  This year’s agenda includes learning about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, convoy security simulator (Warrior Skills Trainer), and the simulated weapons range.  Cadets must have earned their first promotion before the start of encampment.  It is recommended that cadets be at least 13 years old before attending encampment.  
  • Cadet Development Course (CDC):  The Cadet Development Course plans to help cadets grow in their leadership skills and expose them many of the exciting opportunities that the Cadet Program has to offer. CDC students will participate in supervised firearms training, career shadowing, hands-on activities, and more!  Cadets must have graduated from a CAP encampment before attending the Cadet Development Course.
  • Wisconsin Cadet Academy (WCA):  WCA challenges cadets to be more than they think they can be in an environment of challenge, performance, and leadership.  The training program is geared towards helping cadets be the best encampment staff they can be in future years.  WCA can be a truly transformative experience!  Cadets must be at least 14 years old, have the grade of C/SSgt by 01 JUNE, and have completed an encampment to attend WCA.
  • Parents’ Page:  Check out the Parents page for important information including packing lists and parent letters.  Check back after 10 MAY for information on graduation arrangements.

Scholarships are also available.  Cadets applying to WBS who need financial assistance need to apply for a Cadet Encampment Access Program grant. Second year cadets (CDC or WCA) may apply for CEAP grants, but may also apply for assistance from Wisconsin Wing.

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